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Die Nibelungen, Part I - Siegfried
Die Nibelungen, Part I - Siegfried
Fritz Lang
150 min

Following the success of his other Weimar epics, director Fritz Lang became increasingly convinced that the grandeur and universal impact of the silent film image would enable film to "make an honest contribution to repairing the chaos that has prevented nations from seeing each other as they really are ever since the tower of Babel." Nowhere is Lang's utopian conception of the possibilities of cinema more evident than in the first part of his adaptation of the 13th century epic poem Die Nibelungen. Set design and movement, rhythm and dream, are all fully integrated in this truly monumental film. The film is presented in a meticulous restoration with tinting, toning, and the original orchestral score of Gottfried Huppertz by the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung (Weisbaden, Germany). Subtitles available.