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  • Full access to all exhibitions and films, including all interviews, essays, and archive materials.
  • New exhibitions added monthly.
  • New films added weekly.

The Mission of Film Secession

     Film Secession is your home for film and the arts. At its heart are the online Exhibitions, where intensive and substantive conversations about enduring artistic questions are paired with related films, archival materials, and essays addressing all aspects of style and craft. By becoming part of our global community, you will be able to chart your own course through a constantly growing virtual space to discover new relationships between filmmakers, periods, and art forms.
     Your support makes it possible for us to continue working with archives and studios, conducting on location interviews, pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, and organizing community events at locations around the world.

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Our Founder on the meaning of Film Secession and the importance of membership

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I get with my membership?
    Membership includes access not only to the Exhibition spaces and the Cinema, but also to an ever-expanding network of in-depth interviews, materials from archives around the world, and extensive essays on filmmakers, artworks, approaches, film programs, and individual films. These provide information and ideas that will guide your journey, making Film Secession the best resource for discovering all aspects of film, the craft of filmmaking, and its relationships with the other arts.
  • What are the innovative features of Film Secession?
    In addition to the immersive 3D spaces, Film Secession makes it possible for users to chart their own path through the histories of film and the other arts. By clicking the buttons or icons, you can "Learn More" about Exhibition items, Film Programs, and Films, and you can "Save for Later" anything you would like to consult or go back to another time.
  • What are the minimum operating requirements for the website?
    Film Secession is optimized for many different devices. For best performance, PC users should be using Windows 10 or 11, with updated video drivers and hardware acceleration enabled. Mac users should have at least OS Catalina. Additional features such as ray tracing, video previews, and floor reflections will appear with more robust processors and GPUs.
  • Which browser should I use?
    Film Secession will work on any up-to-date browser. For optimal performance of advanced 3D features, use Google Chrome.
  • Why does Film Secession look different on my phone?
    There is a separate version of Film Secession for mobile devices. iPads will be able to access the 3D version in landscape mode. 3D spaces will perform best on an iPad Pro or iPad Air with an M1 chip (or above).
  • Will Film Secession Exhibitions disappear?
    All Film Secession Exhibitions and almost all films in the Cinema are permanent. The links connecting the different Exhibitions with each other, with films, and with film programs will continue to grow and develop over time.
  • Is it possible to watch the films and interviews on my TV?
    Absolutely. The best option is to connect your television with a smart TV connected to a wifi router. You can also use a direct HDMI cable connection or a device like Google Chromecast. All of these should result in smooth connections. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like additional information.
  • What is in the newsletter?
    Please join the weekly newsletter (from the About page) to learn more about new and forthcoming Exhibitions, Cinema releases, and events. It also provides direct links to follow and engage on social media.
  • When will Film Secession events begin?
    Very soon. Join us to receive the latest updates.
  • Is institutional membership available?
    Yes. Please contact for details.
  • Can I gift a membership?
    Yes. Please contact for details.