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Sangue bleu (Blue Blood)
Sangue bleu (Blue Blood)
Nino Oxilia
63 min

Silent Italian diva Francesca Bertini was one of the key proponents of a more restrained, gesturally modulated, and psychologically expressive style of "realist" film acting. As her career progressed, she became involved in the scripting and even directing of her work. Here she collaborates with director Nino Oxilia, a bold pictorialist and master of choreography and pacing who died during the First World War. The film is presented is a high definition restoration of a tinted 35mm nitrate print held by the EYE Filmmuseum (Amsterdam) that was originally part of the collection of Dutch film exhibitor Jean Desmet. The subtle and moving score is presented courtesy Daniele Furlati (Bologna). Subtitles available.